Environmental Intelligence

Introducing Laconic's Environmental Intelligence Platform

Pro Solutions Group and its partner, Synergy Energy Resources, has a long working relationship with Laconic Group who have developed the worlds most advanced environmental intelligence platform. 

Laconic’s SADAR domain awareness platform delivers environmental insights to protect, restore, and sustain our natural environment.

Through our relationship with Laconic, Synergy works to help corporations and public organisations access environmental intelligence and data to create greater awareness of their environment and provide real time decision support.  

With the correct application and integration of modern sensing technologies and data analysis platforms, our deep gaps in ocean knowledge can be filled so that we can address the biggest threats to both marine and terrestrial life. To address these gaps, SADAR collects Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) to deliver actionable insights and facilitate enforcement and development activities that address many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG 14, which directs us to:

As we face the urgent cascading threats of climate change and ecosystem collapse, it has become a necessity to better understand the systems that regulate the natural world, especially our oceans, which cover 71% of our planet’s surface yet remain mostly unexplored and misunderstood.

Our oceans may well be Earth’s primary climate regulator and are an immense repository of valuable energy resources and biodiversity, with many new species being discovered every year.

All Domain Sensing

Laconic has developed a Sentient All Domain Autonomous Response (SADAR) system that enables massive scale sensing of air, land, surface and subsurface domains.

SADAR is a proprietary distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for domain awareness and decision support.
At Laconic we understand that knowledge is power – but want it to embody a particular kind of power that enables decisions to be made for the benefit of all mankind, now and in the future.

Gain Information Dominance

Laconic’s Environmental Intelligence Services deliver unique environmental insights from its validated, high-quality Multi-Variant Biologic Informatics to support evidence-based management of natural resources in dynamic socio-political contexts for government agencies, NGOs, and corporations.

Characterize and Monitor to Achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals

Laconic’s world-class environmental characterization and monitoring capabilities enables the company to sense and make sense of complex natural and human ecosystems in near real-time. Our geospatial data science expertise generates insights that allows Laconic to provide large-scale program management services across a vast array of United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) driven projects & development programs.  

Management and Research to inform top-level decision making

Program management begins with understanding the environment and the context of projects to be implemented.  This area of expertise includes understanding background policy, business constraints, and funding avenues to determine what set of activities will help to understand the ideal outcome. Laconic delivers value by collecting the necessary data, models, and simulations to support decision making which inevitably involves research and development of custom solutions for a client.

Decarbonization Infrastructure Development

After Laconic and its stakeholders understand the opportunity space, they determine what sequence of projects will deliver the specified outcome from the client. Our clients define a well-formed outcome, and we deliver all the elements required to achieve it, including infrastructure development and management activities, design conceptualization, permitting, financing, engineering, construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance (O&M), and even media to share with the world the impact our clients are making. Laconic is a proven partner to champion complex multi-domain development programs.

Laconic Group Goal

Protect, Restore, and Regenerate Natural Ecosystems

Laconic’s Nature Works podcast is for everyone who wants to understand our relationship with the natural world and how we can go about improving it. Emphasising science, wild experiences and superbly articulated stories, we learn from global experts across a range of environmental, sustainable business and conservation and adventure topics.

From the last untouched coral reefs of the Pacific to the mountains of Alaska, to the kelp forests of Britain, to the high mountain homes of the snow leopard. Join us as Nature Works discovers the natural world through the voices of experts who understand our planet best.

Laconic believes there is a necessity to support our world with technology, engineering and infrastructure, that enables their three action pillars of
protection, restoration and sustainability.

“20 years from now, we will tell our children and their children how we worked to build a world that is environmentally and socially healthier than what was given to us.”