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PROS-IT, today, is amongst the fastest growing leading provider of IT infrastructure services encompassing integration and management of complex infrastructure. Today's dynamic business environment demands effective infrastructure management to enhance business continuity and improve service quality. Our standard processes address your organization's complex IT infrastructure problems and enhance business performance.
As the demand of IT infrastructure is rapidly increasing, companies are on the lookout for reliable and cost effective means for maintaining their IT applications and systems and optimizing their internal infrastructure management process. Today, IT infrastructure needs to be available 24 X 7 with extremely high uptime requirements. It requires heavy investments to maintain such infrastructure. We help you to manage your IT infrastructure effectively.

Our technologies and solutions are designed to address your unique and diverse infrastructure management needs. We provide technology solutions that enable business and augment process efficiency.

Our technology include the best brands of network management products, apart from strategic consulting that is designed to deliver value straight to our customer's bottom line. We design technologies that will work for you. Our business goal is to develop creative, cost-effective solutions, from the design phase through installation, and provide maintenance and support thereafter. We take a team approach with our customers to help them identify possible solutions, evaluate those for effectiveness and appropriateness to the problem, and then implement the most favorable alternatives. Our decisions to represent multiple vendors increases our alternatives for developing the best solutions for our customers, Furthermore, the PROS management and staff is committed to ongoing excellence in customer service. We focus on a Customer oriented approach than tradition product oriented approach.

Our Solutions Portfolio

We have a broad range of solutions as listed:
•     Gateway and Perimeter level Security
•     LAN Security and Network Access Control (NAC)
•     Vulnerability Management and intelligence
•     Managed Switching and Routing services
•     Network design, Installation and Maintenance
•     Quality of service
•     Application oriented networking
•     WAN and Remote access technologies
•     Managing MPLS and Frame Relay Networks
•     VPN Services
•     WAN Optimization, Multilink management and Multi-homing
•     Wireless Solution- Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Infrastructure Mode, Point to Point
•     Wireless Broadband Solutions
•     Servers and Storages
•     Virtualization
•     Microsoft solutions