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   Corporate Overview

PRO SOLUTIONS GROUP is a young dynamic group of companies owned by Fatehi Al-Rashid. The group was initially established in easrly 2008 and has grown from strength to strength providing Oilfield equipment, related services & solutions for some of the most demanding MENA clients such as Saudi Aramco.
Since the formation of PROS SOLUTIONS GROUP the core business activities have expanded from primarily Oilfield equipments to the fully-fledged Solutions Provider of related services. By being a multi services provider, PRO SOLUTIONS GROUP is uniquely placed along.
The Oilfield equipments services value chain through its in-house capabilities. Depending on the client’s requirements, PRO SOLURIONS GROUP can provide services on a stand-alone basis or as an integrated package of services, taking full responsibility for the supply chain management.
PRO SOLUTIONS GROUP is structured into various divisions addressing the prevalent market sectors and opportunities in Saudi Arabia as follows:

o Oil & Gas
o IT & Communications
o Training 
o Manpower Supply
o Travel & Corporate Travel Management

PRO SOLUTIONS GROUP has proven the ability to retain existing clients through repeated contracts and constantly adding to the client. By developing a good understanding of the needs of the various operators in the Oil & Gas industry, PRO SOLUTIONS GROUP has built excellent working relationships with key industrial players, including governments, bankers & other global Oil & Gas related companies.

In addition to its own diverse skills, PRO SOLUTIONS GROUP also draws on the skills of its international management team and industrial specialists, especially in managing project order work flow, field operations, capital financing, human resources development, training, information technology & communications.